Though they are well known for luxury and style, BMWs can develop a variety of electronic issues just like any other vehicle. Electronic issues commonly seen in BMWs include problems with the alternator, battery, or ignition switch. When these problems arise, it can be anything from an inconvenience to a serious concern that keeps your vehicle off the road. If electronic issues are making your BMW operate at less than the usual high-quality standards, you’ll want to get your vehicle checked out to return your car to its optimal driving quality and safety.

The technicians at Auto Scandia pride ourselves in being BMW experts and can help with a variety of common issues with your car. Here, we will review some of the common electrical issues that may arise with your BMW to help you spot these problems and know when it may be time to get your car serviced.

Problems with the Ignition

The ignition is what starts your engine, meaning you are likely to notice this issue when trying to turn the key in a traditional ignition, or when you push the start button in newer BMW models. When your BMW’s ignition is faulty, you may also have trouble turning the steering wheel as it will remain locked. Other common ignition challenges in BMWs include rough acceleration or a slight pause when accelerating.

The good news if you suspect your car ignition is to blame for your troubles is that replacing a faulty ignition is a relatively inexpensive repair that can be handled quickly by our expert technicians. By bringing your car in for maintenance when these issues come up, you will be able to avoid more serious problems down the line.

Alternator Failure

The alternator is a key electrical component for several functions of your BMW, which means that a faulty one can result in a number of issues. Common signs that your BMW may need alternator maintenance include problems with the climate control system or changes with your dashboard lights.

If your alternator is going bad, it can also lead to a dead car battery, since the alternator is responsible for keeping your battery charged. Because of this, it’s important to get your vehicle checked when you spot electronic malfunctions to ensure the problem doesn’t worsen over time.

In cases where the alternator is causing electrical issues, expert technicians will be able to replace the alternator and/or the serpentine belt to resolve these problems.

Car Battery Issues

Issues with your car battery often result in your car not starting, though this doesn’t always mean the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. Sometimes it can be an issue with the alternator as noted above, or a faulty wiring connection to the battery. Depending on what the problem with your car battery is, there may be an easy at-home solution, like jump starting your car or tightening a loose wire.

However, if there is another reason behind why the battery lost charge, a jumpstart may not recharge the battery or it may die again relatively quickly. In these cases, your vehicle will likely require a battery replacement or service from BMW expert mechanics.

Worn-Out or Frayed Cables

Believe it or not, frayed or old cables in your BMW can also contribute to electronic issues with your vehicle. Over time, your car’s cables can wear out, meaning they conduct power less efficiently or not at all. This is a cause for electronic issues that is often overlooked by BMW owners, but is actually relatively common.

Thankfully, replacing an old cable to get your BMW working smoothly again is an easy fix. If you suspect or identify faulty cables in your vehicle, it is best to have them replaced by an expert mechanic with experience in working with your car’s make and model.

Trust the BMW Experts at Auto Scandia

If you are experiencing any of these challenges with your BMW, we know that you want expert care to get you and your vehicle safely back on the road. Auto Scandia is located in Herndon, VA, and are trusted BMW experts who have been working on European vehicles since 1978. Our wealth of experience and knowledge make us the trusted BMW service providers for Herdon and the surrounding area, including:

To get started with service for your BMW, contact Auto Scandia today and get the quality maintenance your car deserves.

* BMW M3 Car image credit goes to: Brandon Woyshnis.

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