A BMW is a top-of-the-line European import known for high performance and luxury amenities. A sleek design and incredible safety standards make BMWs a popular choice for singles, families, and business vehicles. While the brand isn’t known for faulty engines, engine problems do creep up with regular use.

One of the issues you may encounter as a BMW owner is a failed positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve. The PCV is an integral part of your vehicle, regulating crankcase pressure so gasses built up in the combustion chamber can be released.

At Auto Scandia, we work with a variety of European vehicles, including BMWs. In this blog, we’ll talk about the issues resulting in PCV valve failure, and how to address those issues.

Signs of PCV Failure in a BMW

Depending on the severity of the problem with your PCV valve, symptoms vary. Whether the valve is simply clogged or has been impacted and damaged, there will be signs, such as:

  • Clunking noises: The engine may start to make odd sounds, including clunking or rattling. This is serious and could result in long-term engine damage and leaking oil.
  • Poor engine performance: If your BMW isn’t performing as well as it usually does, it could be a sign of PCV valve failure. This happens because oil is being sucked into your combustion chamber.
  • Low fuel economy: Along with the reduced engine performance, your BMW will encounter low fuel economy as it burns oil with fuel. The vehicle tries to use more fuel to offset the issue, resulting in a higher gas bill over time.

While uncommon and a severe condition of PCV failure, you may notice fumes seeping into your vehicle. This is extremely dangerous, especially for young children and pets. If you notice any odd smells in the vehicle or are feeling dizzy or nauseous while driving, stop the vehicle in a safe place, get out, and call for help.

Seek Repair with an Experienced Auto Shop

If you’re noticing signs that your PCV valve is failing, it’s crucial to call an auto shop as soon as possible. The faster the problem is addressed, the less damage to your vehicle overall. It’s best to reach out to a local repair shop that is experienced with BMW and other imported vehicles.

To find an auto shop that suits your needs:

  • Check reviews: Online reviews tell you a lot about the experiences of other BMW drivers in the city.
  • Look for BMW experts: Check auto shop websites to see what types of models the repair shop is familiar with.
  • Talk to the shop: When in doubt, call the maintenance shop and ask about their experience with BMWs and import models. Ask if they have the right tools on hand to work on your BMWs PCV valve today.

At Auto Scandia, we have more than 40 years of experience serving German and other European car owners in and around Herndon, VA. Our team of experienced maintenance technicians have the knowledge, tools, and parts ready to deal with BMW PCV valve failure.

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* Black BMW M4 Car image credit goes to: Brandon Woyshnis.

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