Volvos are a popular vehicle across North America. As a high-quality vehicle, Volvos are built for precision, power, and durability. Unfortunately, like any vehicle, regular wear and tear requires maintenance over time. One area the Volvo feels this most is the front struts.

The front struts of your car connect your wheels to the air suspension system (ASS). It keeps your vehicle above the wheels, stabilizing the car’s weight for a smooth ride. In this way, the struts also affect how well your shocks work to absorb bumps in the road, as the struts sit above the shocks.

While there are a multitude of American Volvo drivers, these luxurious vehicles hail from Gothenburg, Sweden. This makes it difficult for some local Herndon, VA shops to deal with Volvo repairs without ordering out specialty equipment and parts.

Signs Your Volvo is Experiencing Strut Failure

Throughout its lifespan, a Volvo will drive over potholes, strike a curb, or take a hard corner or two. All these things impact your struts and the ball joints of the suspension system, leading to breakdown over time or all at once in the event of a hard strike or deep hole.

If the struts go all at once, you’ll know right away. If they’re breaking down slowly, it might be harder to detect. Either way, there will be signs, including:

  • Rocky rides: One of the first signs your struts are failing is that your smooth-riding Volvo will no longer be so smooth. You might notice every lump and bump in the road and feel like you’re hitting potholes or dips much harder than you used to.
  • Knocking noises: Knocking noises could be the shocks or the strut and occur when metal components get warped or deformed through intense use or impact.
  • Grinding sounds/feeling: The grinding, like the knocking, is due to metal grating against metal. Where the strut used to hold the body of your vehicle up away from the wheels, it’s no longer to properly maintain distance between the two.
  • Pulling at the steering: An especially dangerous side-effect of a faulty strut in your Volvo is drifting. No matter how much control you feel you have on the wheel, the car may pull to the side (usually the side the strut has broken on).

Any of these symptoms is worth calling a repair shop for. Ongoing regular maintenance helps prevent your struts from going over time. If your vehicle has experienced any intense bumps or hard turns, and you notice your car isn’t driving as it normally does, visit an auto shop.

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