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Average rating:  
 286 reviews
 by Yelp Review by Jim H.
Overall great experience
City & State: Reston, VA

So glad to have found my "go-to" auto service shop. Extremely happy with them with my first two visits! Thanks guys for an overall great experience!

 by Google Review by Greg P.
They take pride in their work
City & State: Reston, VA

Short story: they take pride in their work and want happy customers. We will go there for our automotive needs.

 by Google Review by Ethan X.
City & State: Herndon, VA

Stellar. Brought my car in on short notice for a pre-purchase inspection. Despite a busy schedule the master techs fixed an oil leak in a few hours. Huge thanks to Dan T. and team!

I was a bit worried about having to go to the dealership for repairs due to the make of the car. All those worries were assuaged today and now I am driving with 100% confidence. Autoscandia will, without a doubt, be my go to shop moving forward.

 by Yelp Review by David G.
Have been relying on the great folks at AutoScandia for a couple of decades
City & State: Herndon, VA

A family member from Kentucky was visiting us when the day before she was to return home her car's Check Engine light came on. AutoScandia worked her into an already packed schedule and repaired her stability monitoring, allowing her to traverse with confidence the West Virginia mountains between major snow/ice storms. We have been relying on the great folks at AutoScandia for a couple of decades. Mark has created a customer-friendly business that has often been like a talented family, one you can be assured will treat you with honesty and friendliness. We continue to recommend them very very highly, without reservation.

 by Google Review by Nondes C.
Fast, professional, and most importantly honest
City & State: Reston, VA

Always fast, professional, and most importantly honest. These folks know their stuff and always provide excellent service. 10/10

 by Google Review by Sean J.
Friendly, available, and exceptionally well trained
City & State: Herndon, VA

There should be a button for 10 stars. This place is a rare gem among service centers. The staff are friendly, available, and exceptionally well trained and experienced. My service advisor Rashid patiently answered all my questions and explained what was necessary and what we could delay. Service manager Mark was kind and generous, treated me like family. And John, the tech that actually worked on my car, what a pro! So impressed.

 by Google Review by Alexandra D.
You can trust these folks to do high quality work
City & State: Herndon, VA

We have brought our Volvo XC90 to AutoScandia for two major projects, and both went perfectly. You can trust these folks to do high quality work, finished on time, and for an excellent price. When they say it'll be ready by Friday, they really mean Friday! And they really know their stuff.

 by Google Review by Mike L.
Excellent service
City & State: Reston, VA

Wouldn't go anywhere else, after 25 years excellent service.

 by Yelp Review by Dev S.
Look forward to being a long-lasting customer
City & State: Reston, VA

Went in for my first car servicing (first for the car and first since relocating to Reston). At first it seemed hard to communicate with them as I filled out the online form and didn't get a response (may have hit spam but either way). Called them up, Dan was apologetic and sincerely wanted my business. Dropped my car off this morning. Less than 2 hours later it was ready for pickup. Seems top-notch. Only bit of confusion was when I needed to take it in for service (i came in at 5,000 miles, was told it was 7,500). Oh well. I'll continue taking this car in at 5,000 mile intervals. Thanks to Dan, Glenn and the team, look forward to being a long-lasting customer.

 by Google Review by Roman C.
Good price and a very quick service
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Brake fluid was flushed. Good price and a very quick service.

 by Google Review by Ann B.
Service has always been excellent
City & State: Reston, VA

AutoScandia service has always been excellent. I have gone to them for years. The staff are very professional and polite. Work completed when promised.

 by Google Review by Steph W.
Dedication, integrity, and providing exceptional customer service
City & State: Reston, VA

“Dedication, integrity, and providing exceptional customer service” — these guys really live up to their name. I’ve been coming to these folks for years now with my various Volvo models and they’ve always done a great job, been very forthcoming & honest, with top-tier recommendations, but this most recent bit of working with them definitely deserves a shoutout.

Just days before I had to make a move (driving 1400+ miles away), before the Labor Day weekend, something went wrong with my cooling fan and the control module.

Gene was fantastic when it came to coordinating finding last-minute parts, and understanding my concerns and urgency. Not only did he so courteously pony a part to the shop over the course of the long weekend, they had it done and repaired for me first thing in the morning when everyone came back in. I want to give Gene 6 stars!! Thank you everyone at AutoScandia!

 by Google Review by Ryan P.
Extremely helpful
City & State: Reston, VA

A breath of fresh air compared to dealers. Extremely helpful, and are not out to charge you for everything. Would recommend to anyone with a euro car.

 by Adam B
Friendly, Honest, Professional
City & State: Reston, VA

I've been bringing our ancient Volvo to AutoScandia ever since we moved to Reston. The service has always been friendly and professional and the quotes for the work much less than the dealer and other mechanics I've tried over the years. Now that our BMW is no longer under warranty, I will be bringing it to AutoScandia as well!

 by Google Review by William L.
First rate as always
City & State: Reston, VA

First rate as always.

 by Yelp Review by Christine M.
Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and helpful
City & State: Sterling, VA

Autoscandia is the authority on foreign car repair. They are not only extremely knowledgeable, but very courteous and helpful. Their customer service is top notch and they truly strive to make their customers happy, from front desk personnel to master mechanic.

 by Google Review by Siddarth D.
Very professional, thorough, and honest
City & State: Reston, VA

I wouldn't say I know cars super well, but I have a decent enough understanding as long as it's explained to me. The guys here at AutoScandia were extremely professional and gave me a proper breakdown of the issues they found with my 2014 BMW 535i xDrive. As a consumer, I'm always worried that I might be overcharged for things I don't know but I didn't feel that here. I had been quoted some prices from BMW of Sterling and they were obscenely expensive but here I was quoted way more reasonable prices - they seemed to match what I had read online from my own research on the issues. I talked to a few people who were also there and they were all long time customers. It's hard not to trust ~300 reviews and a 4.9 star rating so I'm glad I took a chance and brought my car here! I'll be doing so in the future again. Very professional, thorough, and honest from what I gathered.

 by Roger V
First Time in with my Mercedes
City & State: Herndon VA

I was a little sceptic taking my Mercedes Benz to a private mechanic shop rather than to a dealer. My car was stalling and had some sound coming from under the hood. The check engine light was on. The hood light was on. It was a mess.

I took the car. The staff are incredibly helpful. I left my car for couple of days. Autoscandia called me and told me my car was ready. They told me what needed to be fixed and the cost. I checked with the dealer and also Carmax where I bought the car originally. Dealer priced it atleast 75% more than I paid Autoscandia. Carmax priced it 40% more.

I am happy I took the car to Autoscandia. This is the first time I took any of my cars to Private mechanic. I think you get Dealership quality at cheaper prices here. I hope Autoscandia continues to be competitive.

 by Yelp Review by Alexis F.
Super professional and friendly
City & State: Dunn Loring, VA

I waited (procrastinated) until the last day of the month to have my car inspected. Even it being a Saturday and the last day of the month, I was in and out in 30 min. The team was super professional and friendly - I will definitely be back! Bonus points for being close to a Dunkin 🙂

 by Google Review by Alexis D.
I will be taking my car here for future repairs
City & State: Reston, VA

After having 0 luck with auto repair shops trying to up-charge me an insane amount, I was luckily referred to Autoscandia. They were quick to call me after dropping my car off, updated me immediately, and best of all they gave me a realistic price point. When I picked up my car, they took the time to explain to me the process they went through. They were so kind! Sometimes as a woman I get worried about getting scammed or overcharged because I'm not familiar with cars. They were so clear about everything. I will be taking my car here for future repairs. Thank you guys!

 by Google Review by Mike W.
I have been coming here for more than 10 years
City & State: Eldersburg

Five stars! I have been coming here for more than 10 years and have brought more than five different cars. Every visit was a good experience. I drive old cars and AutoScandi helps keep them on the road. My current car is a 2007 (14 years old) and AutoScandia saves me a ton of money by helping me keep it on the road. They have even taken the time to give me estimates for upgrades I haven't had done such as new struts. I don't NEED them, but it would be nice to restore the ride comfort level to its original glory. With the price of new cars put of control and the price of used cars going up, it's best to keep what you have in good working order and AutoScandia does that for me. You may schedule a quick oil change in advance and wait for the service to be completed. That saves you the trouble of dropping the car off for the day. My car has always been ready when promised and the cost has always been in line with estimates. No complaints here.

 by Google Review by Randi D.
The best service and advice for over 20 years now
City & State: Vienna, VA

The best service and advice for over 20 years now. We always feel safe after AutoScandia has serviced our cars!

 by Google Review by Red T.
Excellent staff
City & State: Reston, VA

Excellent staff, mechanical work superb, customer relations / support ideal.

 by Google Review by Jonathan J.
Great service at a fair price
City & State: Arlington, VA

Great service at a fair price! Fixed a minor issue for no charge.

 by Google Review by John O.
Very professional, very polite, and their service was timely
City & State: Herndon, VA

They took great care of my 2015 Audi Q5, at 1/3 of the cost that the dealership was going to charge. I had the 75K mile service done, as well as both the rear brakes and battery replaced.
There was no up charging or BS that I have experienced at other places.
The car is now actually driving better than before.
They were very professional, very polite, and their service was timely.

I will definitely be taking the car back here from now on.

 by Autumn Dearing
My New Favorite Repair Shop!
City & State: Herndon, VA

I am someone who usually dreads taking my car in for any sort of issue. However, my experience at AutoScandia completely changed that! My tire blew beyond repair and I needed a new one ASAP. I had my car towed to AutoScandia without any appointment or call ahead. By the next day, my car was as good as new! The staff was extremely friendly! They called several times to update me on the status of my car. It felt like they genuinely had my best interest at heart rather than trying to sell me services. I felt completely at ease during the entire experience! Now my car drives better than ever. I will definitely be coming back!

 by Google Review by Lucas G.
The best place
City & State: Reston, VA

The best place that you can fix and see wherever in your car moreover you can do the car's inspection.

 by Yelp Review by Steph D.
Super friendly staff with a quick turnaround
City & State: Reston, VA

Super friendly staff, got me in w/a quick turnaround, and finished my car really quickly and did a great job!

 by Google Review by RG A.
Absolutely love the customer service
City & State: Reston, VA

Absolutely love the customer service, they really take good care of you.

 by Google Review by Dennis M.
Professional, communicate very well, and their prices are fair
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Have been using AutoScandia for a few years for all my cars. They are professional, communicate very well, and their prices are fair.

 by Google Review by Rodney J.
More reliable and less expensive than typical auto dealer shops
City & State: Reston, VA

Have used AutoScandia since around 1980 when it was called Reston Volvo and Saab. An honest auto-repair business built up by Mark Bredesen that now services Japanese and all European cars with internal combustion engines. I've always had good service and if there were problems with service, was able to resolve them through discussion. More reliable and less expensive than typical auto dealer shops and especially convenient to Reston and Herndon residents.

 by Google Review by D Espe
Made me feel welcomed
City & State: Reston, VA

I haven't used AutoScandia but I really appreciated their call back when I posted a question on their email site. A lot of businesses just brush you off when sending questions via email and not get a reply. My short experience with AutoScandia on the phone made me feel welcomed. They explained the details about the question I had! Sorry I forgot the name of the individual that called. I'll definitely use them for repairs when needed on two Volvos I have.

 by Google Review by Tom S.
One of the best customer service experiences I have ever had
City & State: Reston, VA

I wanted to drop a quick note here after one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. I've been using Autoscandia for almost 15 years and by saying that it is clear I trust their work. I've developed a personal relationship with most of the staff and consider a lot of them friends at this point.

Now, the reason for my post...

During my last visit, something didn't go as planned (for the first time in 15 years) and I'll admit I was a little upset with the situation. Dan called me to talk through everything stating he'll make sure to make it right next time around. I think it's safe to say we have all heard that before, right? Well, Autoscandia and Dan kept their word. Yesterday I had to bring my car in unexpectedly to get something minor taken care of. When Dan called me to tell me the car was ready and I asked what the damage was, he said this one is on us! I was honestly shocked as the job was a couple hundred dollars. I also never asked for a discount - it was Dan's customer service and him keeping his word!

I started this post off by stating it was one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had and that's very true. You just made a 15 year customer extremely happy and will be going out of my way even more to recommend you all moving forward.

 by Google Review by Michael H.
Knowledgeable, capable and honest
City & State: Arlington, VA

The team at AutoScandia (AS) is knowledgeable, capable and honest. Our aging '07 Lexus SUV was recently diagnosed by a dealer outside the metro area to require multiple, costly repairs. I went to AS for a second opinion. Three of the items indicated by the dealer as needing attention or replacement were valid concerns, but AS fixed the issues for roughly half the cost quoted by the dealership's service department. In addition, two of the most expensive parts claimed to be faulty by the dealer worked perfectly and did not need to be replaced. We trust AS with all of our vehicles. About a year ago, the AS technicians found (and fixed) a serious safety issue on our car that had been missed completely during a dealer service appointment. The company is well-run, dependable and fair. They have experts certified to work on high-end luxury vehicles at a more competitive price. Company's like AS are hard to find in today's world. We have recommended them to everyone we know.

 by Google Review by Pai Nam C.
Professional mechanics
City & State: Herndon, VA

Professional mechanics for Volvo. If you have an old Volvo. This is a good place to go to maintain your car.

 by Yelp Review by Kathleen J.
Excellent service and quality every time
City & State: Manassas, VA

Excellent service and quality every time. Fair prices, clean store, quick and efficient. Feel confident with the assessment of issues with my vehicle and know they are honest and straightforward with what needs to be taken care of right away and items that are recommended but not vital. Refer company to friends and family.

 by Google Review by Sara L.
The BEST customer service you will find
City & State: Reston, VA

The BEST customer service you will find. They were very welcoming, honest, and explained everything very clearly to me. They were very quick about fixing my car and called with updates along the way. Will most definitely be going back, and highly recommend for others!

 by Google Review by Laurie D.
Excellent work
City & State: Reston, VA

Excellent work, came in under the estimate.

 by Google Review by Melod T.
Eternally grateful for you guys
City & State: Herndon, VA

So welcome to my horror story, I allowed my neighbor who had the best of intentions work on my car in order to stop a oil leak which as a BMW owner we are all so very familiar with. Only he was not qualified and made a huge mistake in cleaning the belt with a chemical that caused it to snap and end up in the pulley which further got tangled up in timing chain and that's all she wrote. This is my dream car 2008 BMW 535i. Dan and his BMW team didn't give up even when I did as I couldn't imagine being able to afford the repairs caused by this freak accident. Note to everyone out there, get your car worked on by the pros at AutoScandia. Eternally grateful for you guys.

 by Yelp Review by Katrina A.
Hands down...the best!!!
City & State: Silver Spring, MD

Hands down...the best!!! When Auto Scandia announced on the radio that they were now servicing Porsches, I finally made the decision to purchase my Porsche...after test driving for four years.

 by Google Review by Vanessa S.
High level of customer service
City & State: Herndon, VA

From the moment I called the first time, I knew I would like this place!
Scott was super nice on the phone and even offered to give me a quick run down of the car, since I had just purchased my BMW.
Took it for an oil change and I was provided a first time client discount. Got a list of future things to keep an eye on, but they never tried selling me anything. Tires were a hot item and they got me a quote and encouraged me to shop around and compare. Just went for brakes and got such honest feedback. High level of customer service and Scott will text you information if he can’t get you on the phone.

 by Google Review by Joan M.
Above and beyond service
City & State: Herndon, VA

Above and beyond service! Packed up and ready to leave on 6 week trip and the battery was dead. They were not open for service and they called a technician in to take care of my car. Their help allowed me to keep my plans and not have to unpack my full car! They are exceptional in their service.

 by Google Review by Kristin R.
Very professional
City & State: Washington, DC

Dropped off our car in the night box and had a call from Glen at 7:30 am the next day to say that they had diagnosed the problem and where to go from there. Very professional and car was ready that afternoon.

 by Google Review by Rithy S.
Reliable and honest
City & State: Reston, VA

Reliable and honest! Glenn’s the one who has worked on my Jeep a few times, he’s a good dude. Excellent customer service— Mark, the owner, does a follow up a few days later to make sure everything’s running ok.

 by Google Review by C M B
They are all very pleasant to deal with and are not expensive
City & State: Herndon, VA

My car is an 2004 Volvo V70 manual transmission purchased in Denmark. It has been used to move my family from one state to another twice and to haul plants, shrubs, and some small trees from nursery to homes. AutoScandia keeps it running beautifully for me. They've replaced various parts when needed and if I couldn't afford it, would find a good second-hand part. They are all very pleasant to deal with and are not expensive. I hope to keep this car for the rest of my driving days and with their help, it should happen! Thanks!

 by Yelp Review by Fa S.
Would recommend to everyone
City & State: Reston, VA

Had another great service at Autoscandia. My tires were low on air and they checked the air pressure for me without charging me for it. I scheduled an oil change the following week and everything was taken care of well, even got a text from the owner Mark the next day asking if I was satisfied with the work done. Everyone in the shop is always so nice, accommodating and helpful and their prices are very competitive! Would recommend to everyone!

 by Google Review by Song K.
Fast friendly service provider
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Fast friendly service provider. Quality work and kept me informed of the progress throughout the process.

 by Google Review by Eduardo C.
Reliable auto shop
City & State: Reston, VA

Reliable auto shop.

 by Google Review by Noel M.
This shop is great
City & State: Reston, VA

This shop is great. I have used them for many years, and they have always come through for me. Even when I had just an hour or 2 before I was supposed to leave for a long road trip they helped me quickly and got me on my way even when they didn't have to. They're good people.

 by Google Review by Maha A.
Highly recommended
City & State: Reston, VA

Excellent professional service and fair prices. Highly recommended.

 by Google Review by Steve D.
Best garage I've been to
City & State: Vienna, VA

Best garage I've been to. Wouldn't go to another one.

 by Google Review by Benny P.
AutoScandia got it right
City & State: Reston, VA

I went somewhere else and got a estimate of
$1600. i knew was wrong AutoScandia got it right under $200.

 by Google Review by Judi
Great work and service
City & State: Vienna, VA

Thanks again for the great work and service and making it easy to sustain my mindful choice to keep my old car running great! I much rather support a reliable local biz than the dealer-bank-insurance-tax people who get a piece of a new vehicle!

 by Google Review by Zaid A.
Great customer care
City & State: Reston, VA

Great customer care and solid work

 by Google Review by Stan T.
Great all around, as always
City & State: Reston, VA

Great all around, as always.

 by Google Review by PJC
Extremely professional and knowledgeable
City & State: Herndon, VA

Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and explain what's going on in plain language.

 by Google Review by Moe K.
Appreciate you guys
City & State: Reston, VA

I appreciate you guys taking care of my pops. It means a lot

 by Yelp Review by Andrew C.
Had a great experience and would recommend to others
City & State: Annandale, VA

I don't normally write reviews but my experience here made me compelled to do so. I do most my work myself, but after moving to an apartment, it became difficult to work on my car. So, I brought in my Lexus to get a brake flush at my scheduled time and paid exactly what I was quoted. The waiting areas were clean and felt comfortable being there despite COVID.

The reason I got a brake flush was because I was trying to troubleshoot a soft pedal after replacing calipers and bleeding the brakes the traditional way. When I got home I called the shop back to ask Brian, the tech who worked on my car a few questions. He answered all my questions honestly and provided great customer service. I really appreciated that he took the time out of his day to take my call and provide detailed answers to all the concerns I had. He was very knowledgeable about my particular car and provided some advice.

I had a great experience and would recommend AutoScandia to others.

 by Yelp Review by Todd H.
What a class act
City & State: Falls Church, VA

We had a complicated, almost unheard of, issue with my wife's MB. Gene recommended that I contact MBUSA to see if they would assist with the repairs as a goodwill gesture even though it meant that AutoScandia wouldn't be doing the work.

When I hung up the phone, my wife's words were, "What a class act".

 by Yelp Review by Evan C.
Quick, friendly service
City & State: Washington DC

Quick, friendly service. My go to for car repair whether inspection, battery change, or something more substantial.

 by Google Review by Richard Cramond
Volvo Repair Work
City & State: Northern Virginia

AutoScandia is and has been providing extensive and timely service for our two Volvos. The quality of their work is excellent.

 by Google Review by Won Cho
Brake Rotor & Pad Replacement
City & State: Northern Virginia

Just got front brake rotors and pads replacement. After it's fixed, I was driving back to home. It felt great. Good price and good quality. So happy that I didn't get the same service from my dealership. Also I liked the friendliness of the staff. Definitely will come back!

 by Yelp Review by Chuck C
Outstanding service as always!
City & State: Reston Virginia

Outstanding service as always! Made appointment and brought car in for annual inspection and servicing. AutoScandia finished right on time, as promised, and they provided detailed information on all the work that was done. AutoScandia has never tried to upsell me on anything, and I have been using them for years. Great place, great people to work with.

 by Google Review by Jeff A.
Very honest
City & State: Herndon, VA

Great experience. Took my car for a 2nd opinion after a bad experience with the first mechanic. The mechanics took a look at my car and confirmed the problem with my car. Repairs were quoted at about 3000k. Dan, the mechanic who looked at my car was very honest. Informed me it was still drivable without the repairs and even recommended trying to replace my car. Even though I did not repair my car at AutoScandia I would return in the future if I needed repairs because of their honesty.

 by Google Review by Chuck C.
Always outstanding, honest, efficient service
City & State: Reston, VA

Always outstanding, honest, efficient service.

 by Google Review by Charlie F.
Impressed and appreciative of their service
City & State: Reston, VA

They kindly gave me a second opinion on a laundry list of repairs that the dealer had recommended for my Honda. Although they did not have the best price on the repair, I was very impressed and appreciative of their service and especially the no charge for the second opinion!

 by Yelp Review Rithy S.
Friendly staff, reasonable prices, and most of all: reliable and trustworthy
City & State: Reston, VA

I brought my Jeep to AutoScandia twice and have had great experiences. Friendly staff, reasonable prices, and most of all: reliable and trustworthy! Shoutout to Glenn for giving an honest assessment on what I originally thought would be a bigger repair. Turns out it was a minor fix on the battery attachments. Appreciate the quick turnaround!

 by Google Review by Mary O.
Top notch
City & State: PA

Drove my VW Jetta from PA to VA for Xmas with my daughter and family. The day after Xmas I was involved in an accident (not with my car). My car was due for State inspection, and I knew some maintenance work was coming up. Hospitalization and several months of recovery at my daughter's meant my car was parked outside and barely moved. An early March diagnosis from Autoscandia left me wondering whether or not to do the repair. I am glad I did, and I am glad I found Autoscandia. My only regret is this garage is not near where I live in PA! Gene was top notch in his communications with me starting with the diagnosis through completion of service. Rashid's manner on the phone was efficient and personable. Thank you:). Good luck to this business, and I hope everyone stays healthy.

 by Google Review by Robin B.
Excellent service
City & State: Vienna, VA

Excellent service, fair prices and work always done in a timely manner.

 by Google Review by Scott B.
I would recommend to anyone looking for an excellent and honest mechanic
City & State: Reston, VA

I've been taking my 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon to AutoScandia for all service needs both big and small for almost a year now and I could not be happier with the work they have done. Both the owner, Mark, and the VW mechanic, Paul, always provide timely communication on the work that needs to be done so that I can make informed decisions on how to proceed. The work done is always excellent, they don't return your vehicle until it is fixed correctly. I have found the price charged to be very reasonable given the time and attention they put into every repair. AutoScandia is the only repair shop I take my VW. It is the first place I would recommend to anyone looking for an excellent and honest mechanic at a very good price.

 by Google Review by Helen L.
Always a great experience
City & State: Reston, VA

Always a great experience. I feel I am part of the process. I am told everything before my car is repaired. Sometimes there are options and the details are explained to me. I have been coming to AutoScandia for years. I highly recommend it. Not one negative experience.

 by Google Review by Joshua B.
Very knowledgeable and helpful
City & State: Herndon, VA

Recommended by a couple of different friends, they are very knowledgeable and helpful. I haven’t had much luck with mechanics in my area, so I brought it here. I do know how to work on my own cars but sometimes I need that expert opinion and it’s better to let a professional take care of it, rather than struggle with it for days. You can trust your car with autoscandia, they will explain in perfect detail what needs to be addressed now and what can wait a little while longer.

 by Google Review by BL
Honest and trustworthy
City & State: Northern Virginia

Better than average auto repair. They're honest and trustworthy. We like them and will continue bringing both of our cars to them for maintenance.

 by Google Review by Navid N.
Highly recommend
City & State: Eldersburg

Autoscandia and the entire team behind the shop are awesome. Even Mark the owner helped me out himself when I brought my car in with two flats when the shop was closing and there was no one else around. Even though he doesn’t specifically work on cars himself he was able to diagnose and fix my issue within the same hour. Thank you Mark and the rest of the team in the shop and the front office, including Gene who’s also been very helpful every time I’ve brought my vehicles in for service. I highly recommend Autoscandia!

 by Google Review by Will G.
Great service
City & State: Herndon, VA

Great service and even better staff!

 by Google Review by Chester L.
Thank you AutoScandia
City & State: Herndon, VA

Thank you AutoScandia for your warranty service!

 by Google Review by Sandra H.
In and out in 30 minutes
City & State: Reston, VA

I came in to have 1 liter of oil added to my car and they had me in and out in 30 minutes.

 by Yelp Review by Scott T.
Friendly, timely and communicative
City & State: Reston, VA

I've used these folks a couple times and been satisfied both times. Friendly, timely, communicative, and I've been charged an expected price. Favorite mechanic in the area, and a convenient location. Great local business options for food and coffee across the street after you drop your car off.

 by Yelp Review by Lynn Y.
Incredibly professional and went out of their way
City & State: Washington, DC

When my Lexus broke down in the middle of the road down the street from AutoScandia I called them to see if they could help. They gave me the number of a tow company to have it towed. I expected them to just wait for the car to arrive, but on their own, they showed up while I was waiting for the tow truck, jumped it enough to put it in neutral and pushed it out of the street to a safe place. I was incredibly impressed. They got the alternator and battery replaced that same day at a reasonable price. The folks were incredibly professional and went out of their way to help me. I was very impressed and will be taking my car here from now on.

 by Google Review by Jack K.
There’s a reason they are rated so highly
City & State: Reston, VA

Went in for standard oil change and rotation. Staff was extremely friendly, waiting room was nice, prices reasonable for the quality of work. They even put my next oil change for 5,000 miles out without me asking, an honest thing to do, most places unnecessarily put 3,000 miles to make more money. Not AutoScandia! There’s a reason they are rated so highly.

 by Google Review by Vernon and Jevonne A.
I would definitely take me vehicle back to AutoScandia
City & State: Fairfax, VA

The technicians seemed very knowledgeable about my 2013 BMW 640i Gran Coupe. They were also helpful in providing recommendations on additional services, cost and priorities of those services, which made it easy for me to make difficult decisions. I would definitely take me vehicle back to AutoScandia for future work.

 by Google Review by Cj W.
An incredibly well run business that is extremely trustful
City & State: Washington, DC

I moved down to the DC area about 2 years ago, and was in need of a mechanic shop. I choose my mechanics very carefully with tons of research. I have an Audi, and was recommended to try Autoscandia. Autoscandia is a much bigger place than my previous mechanic, however it is run just as well. They have specialized people that know the in's and out's of your model. They also have specialized technicians that take care of your car. It is kind of like a dealer approach with a vehicle rep, and then a technician that actually does the work for the most part. For me, that typically involves Gene. Gene is very knowledgeable and incredibly good. Different models will get different folks, but I am sure they are just a knowledgeable. This is year two of taking my car to them and I have zero complaints. My only issue was after they replaced my brakes, and that turned out to be an issue with the pad itself. They replaced it for free under their warranty program. Autoscandia is an incredibly well run business that is extremely trustful. I highly recommend them.

 by Google Review by Sean D.
These folks were helpful
City & State: Sterling, VA

I had to get an Inspection done in short notice and these folks were helpful. While I was waiting, I was able to look around and listen to other customer interactions. If I lived closer, I’d use these folks a lot.

 by Google Review by Steven W.
Great place for automotive mechanical repairs
City & State: Reston, VA

Great place for automotive mechanical repairs, etc. Be sure to ask for Rashied.

 by Google Review by Phyllis C.
I will be back and telling my friends about this business
City & State: Eldersburg

I had a great experience with AutoScandia, it was quick and easy to drop off my vehicle, I spoke with the technician a couple of times about my vehicle. When I returned to pick up my car I also got a nice first time customer discount! I will be back and telling my friends about this business.

 by Google Review by Charles S.
Honest and knowledgeable
City & State: Reston, VA

Honest and knowledgeable BMW mechanics that serviced my e39 m5. I trust them for any major repairs my car may need.

 by Facebook Review by Samantha M.
Unparalleled service and integrity
City & State: Washington, DC

Unparalleled service and integrity.

 by Google Review by Eric R.
They have earned my trust and they always deliver dealer quality care
City & State: Vienna, VA

AutoScandia is like the the pediatrician that takes care of my children. Always kind, thoughtful, caring and thinking about what's best for the patient. They have earned my trust and they always deliver dealer quality care.

 by Facebook Review by Ariane A.
Very honest about the work that needs to be done
City & State: Reston, VA

Every single person working there is amazing and kind. Very honest about the work that needs to be done (or not!). Plus, their coffee station is amazing, the conversation while you wait is lovely, and the bill is more than reasonable. Def will come back. Like. For life.

 by Google Review by Firas B.
Always courteous, professional and fair
City & State: Eldersburg

Always courteous and professional and fair. Great shop.

 by Google Review by Renee F.
Great service
City & State: Herndon, VA

Great service. Trustworthy.

 by Google Review by Scott M.
Super customer service
City & State: Herndon, VA

fast appointment, great work and super customer service.

 by Google Review by Lili C.
Excellent service
City & State: Vienna, VA

Excellent service and work

 by Google Review by Shana M.
They were great
City & State: Reston, VA

Had to wait a few days to get an appointment but they were great! My 2012 Audi Q5 had a few issues I wanted them to research and they gave me info on all with no pushy sales pitch. I will bring all my vehicles there now.

 by Yelp Review by Steve T.
The only auto service shop I have ever ENTIRELY trusted
City & State: Great Falls, VA

AutoScandia is the only auto service shop I have ever ENTIRELY trusted. Unlike the barber who never said you didn't need a haircut, Mark Bredeson's crew advises me as though my three cars actually belonged to them. They've kept my '03 Buick LeSabre, '07 Lexus GX 470 (168,000 miles), and my '13 BMW 750i purring smoothly!

 by Google Review by Shivam S.
Very helpful
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Mark is very helpful person.

 by Yelp Review by Naran B.
Friendly staff, reasonable price
City & State: Fairfax, VA

Friendly staff. Reasonable price. What else you need right?
I needed my break pads to be changed to pass safety inspection.
So, while waiting for my car at the shop, I received a call that my rotors were "warninsh" too, but since I needed to save the money, I said "no" to the rotors. I worried that I wouldn't pass the inspection and that the staff member would be convincing me to make the purchase to do that additional service. However, happily for me, there was no pressure, and I did pass the inspection with the knowledge of that I need to be prepared financially for the rotors next time.

I moved in close by. So I guess I found my place for the car services, maintenances, etc.

Thank you guys!

 by Google Review by Dawn W.
Always friendly
City & State: Reston, VA

Know how to fix my car and are always friendly

 by Google Review by M. B.
Honest, thorough and reasonable
City & State: Herndon, VA

Wished I had discovered them years ago! Honest, thorough and reasonable. All you have to do is drive by and see how crowded they are with everyone bringing their vehicles to them and you'll see why they're so highly rated.

 by Google Review by Traci W.
Quality work
City & State: Reston, VA

Very nice people and quality work.

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