Audi is one of the most popular high-end cars that is seen widely on the road of Herndon and is known for its performance and advanced features. However, issues with the functioning of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve can adversely affect the performance of the car & lead to catastrophic failures.

There are several signs associated with EGR valve failure that you must keep an eye on. Here in this article, we will discuss the symptoms of EGR failure which will prompt you to replace it accordingly.

Reduced Engine Performance

Now, there is a reason why people opt for high-end cars like Audi and prominent among them is the top performance produced by the car. The moment you press the gas pedal of your Audi, you will feel the rush of the engine and this makes Audi stand out from the rest of the competition.

However, when you are have a faulty EGR valve under the hood of your car then the performance of your luxury car will go for a toss. The failing EGR valve in your Audi directly impacts the air/fuel ratio of the car and this impacts the functioning of the engine ultimately leading to a drop in the performance of your car.

It becomes evident when the engine struggles to provide the vehicle with the required power input when you press the gas pedal for accelerating. Besides that, when you are driving uphill, the power loss of the engine would become apparent and if this continues for a long time, it can lead to complete engine seizure.

Engine Stalling & Rough Idling

The efficient functioning of the engine in your Audi depends on a lot of internal components that are directly or indirectly related to it. The EGR valve does have a direct impact on optimal engine performance as it is responsible for regulating the flow of exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber for their complete burning.

Now, the EGR valve needs to open and close at the right moment so that neither there is an overflow nor there is an underflow of exhaust gases into the combustion chamber. The problem becomes acute when you get to feel the engine shuddering when you are driving.

Often it is seen that this problem causes the engine to stall especially during low speeds or when stopping at the traffic. That is why you mustn’t hesitate to get in touch with a certified mechanic in Herndon who can inspect the EGR valve and initiate remedial measures accordingly.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

One of the most common signs associated with EGR valve failure that drivers of different Audi models always face is related to the miles per gallon of your car which decreases suddenly. However, the problem with Audi drivers is that they don’t keep a tab on the fuel mileage of their cars.

A general misconception prevailing among many drivers is that as they are driving a high-end car like Audi their fuel economy wouldn’t be up to the mark & the car will guzzle fuel. However, this perception needs to be addressed immediately because even your Audi has fixed miles per gallon both while driving on the highway & in the city.

The moment you notice a drastic drop in the fuel mileage of your vehicle you must act quickly because it indicates underlying issues in your car that need to be tackled quickly before they can translate into bigger problems. If you have proper driving habits and you notice a drop in fuel economy then it is a clear sign of a malfunctioning EGR valve under the hood of your car.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

There are a host of warning lights located on the dashboard of your luxury car and the check engine light is one such warning light that illuminates whenever there is something wrong in your vehicle. The failure of the EGR valve will cause the warning light to flash on the dashboard.

However, the problem with the check engine light is that it can come on due to a host of other issues in your car and without an OBD scanner it won’t be possible to decipher the error codes displayed by the check engine light.

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