If you experience pulsing when applying the brakes, you’ve come to the right article. BMW brakes are unique in many ways, as the manufacturer is well-known for equipping its cars with high performance, precision braking systems designed to provide superior levels of stopping power and control. BMW implements a special technique that combines vacuum with hydraulic pressure. This combination works to increase braking efficiency and significantly reduce stopping distance, which can save lives in instances of urgent braking. When they don’t work as expected, it can be worrisome.

BMW brake systems utilize components such as anti-lock brakes, stability control and dynamic traction control to optimize their performance in all driving scenarios. BMW rotors are designed to dissipate heat more efficiently than some aftermarket models, allowing BMWs to stop quickly without compromising the longevity of the brake pad or rotor. BMW also boasts shorter stopping distances than other leading car manufacturers due to a combination of its advanced braking system, optimized designs and rigorously tested materials.

In short, BMW brakes provide outstanding dependability and braking power unmatched by other cars on the market today, so if the brake pedal is pulsing when you are slowing your vehicle, you want to know why and what to do to fix it.

Why are my brakes pulsing when I push the brake pedal?

The following are some of the causes of pulsing brake in your BMW, especially during regular braking:

  • Uneven rotor surface: Your brake pedal will pulse if you have high areas on your rotors that have formed. Additionally, you can notice unusual brake pad and rotor wear. Resurfacing the rotors is the only option to solve this issue. It could be necessary to replace the rotors if they are worn out.
  • Warped Rotors: Your brake pedal will pulse if your rotors are warped. Resurfacing warped rotors is occasionally an option, but replacement may be the only solution in some cases.
  • Thinning brake fluid: The thinning brake fluid needs to be replenished regularly, just like engine oil and transmission fluid. The brake pedal may pulse as the fluid “thins” with age and occasionally absorbs moisture. The typical recommendation is every two years, although intense braking may necessitate more regular replacements.

Maintenance Includes Care for Your BMW’s Brakes

BMW vehicles are widely known for their impressive performance capabilities, so BMW owners want to keep their cars in optimal condition. In order to maintain BMW brakes and ensure peak safety, it’s important that BMW brake pads and rotors be inspected at least once a year or whenever signs of wear become visible.

BMW pads should generally be replaced every 25,000 miles or as soon as they start showing signs of thinning. BMW rotors can last up to 75,000 miles if properly taken care of, though the exact mileage may vary based on driving habits and conditions.

Additionally, flushing BMW brake fluid every 23 years is a good idea to ensure optimum braking performance and to help reduce long-term damage from water contamination inside the fluid.

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The brake system is your car’s most crucial safety feature, so if you ever feel that there is a problem with it, it is always advisable to bring the vehicle to the dealer so we can inspect and test it.

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