You love your old car; she’s your old-reliable, your partner in crime. Unfortunately, there are some telltale signs your car might be on its last legs. Here are some of the warning signs your car may be headed to the junkyard.

You’re constantly bringing it into the shop

If your car’s auto repair costs are mounting, it might be time to kick your car to the curb. Older cars aren’t worth a whole lot to sell or trade in, so holding onto your car will cost you more the longer you hold onto it. The average U.S. car is a record-setting 11.5 years old. If your car is constantly in and out of the auto mechanic, no amount of car maintenance will keep it on the road.

You don’t feel safe

If your car is making unnatural sounds or rocks to a halt, it might just mean you need auto repair. However, if you still feel unsafe after the auto repair is complete, you should start hunting for a new vehicle. Older cars are made with old safety standards and they’re simply not up to par with the new requirements in modern models.

Your gas mileage is terrible

Not only are new cars equipped with the best in oil efficiency technology, they’re going to save you more at the pump. Older cars are simply not as fuel-efficient as their modern counterparts. If your old clunker is costing you an arm and a leg when you go to the gas station, you should think about investing in a newer model.

Your lifestyle calls for something different

As much as you don’t want to become a minivan-driving soccer mom, life changes, including parenthood, injury, health issues, a job change, or even divorce may affect the type of car you need. When you might have been happy with a two-seat beamer, your new job as a mover might be easier with a truck. For a new parent, you might need to buy a newer model with improved safety standards. If your lifestyle has changed, trading in your car or selling it can help pave the way for a new standard.
However, any vehicle needs regular car maintenance from a car specialist to run properly.

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