It may seem like your car can only overheat in the warm days of summer, but your car might overheat at any time. It’s important to know what to look for when your car starts overheating, and it’s even more important to know how to fix this issue when it occurs.

Here’s how to identify overheating cars and what to do when it happens to you.

Overheating: What it looks like

When your car overheats, you’ll likely be able to tell from the steam or vapor that flushes from beneath your hood. This can often look like smoke, but rest assured that nothing is on fire. Along with steam, your car’s temperature gauge will rest above the normal limit and you might notice a strange smell emanating from the engine.

When your car starts to overheat, it’s essential that you pull over and call an auto repair shop for assistance.

What caused my car to overheat?

Your car starts to overheat when something in the engine isn’t working properly. This can range anywhere from low coolant levels to issues with your fans.

Low coolant levels are a primary cause for cars overheating. Without this cooling liquid to draw heat from the engine, your engine will grow too hot and start expelling steam. When you notice this vapor escaping from beneath your hood, it’s the first sign that your coolant levels are low.

Issues with fans are also common causes for engine trouble. When your fan belt stops working, you’ll start to notice a temperature hike in your engine despite traveling at low speeds. Luckily fan belts are an easy fix for most experienced mechanics.

Unfortunately, your engine overheating may be a result of a combination of reasons. The best thing you can do is take it in for auto repair and maintenance quickly.

How can I prevent my car from overheating?

Did you know that 40 million people took their cars into their trusted mechanic from January through the spring of 2017? The best way to stop your car from overheating is by engaging in regular repair and maintenance with the best-qualified auto mechanic Herndon VA has to offer. With AutoScandia’s team of Asian and European car specialists, you never need to worry about your car faltering while you drive. Call or visit us today for more information on auto repair and maintenance.

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