Car maintenance is an essential part of keeping your car on the road, but it can be easy to overlook some important warning signs if you’re not a trained auto mechanic. Here are some of the major symptoms you should look for when your car needs new brakes.

Your brake warning light is on

This is the most obvious indication you need to go in for auto repair. A sign on your dashboard means that the problem with your car is urgent and needs maintenance as soon as possible.

Your car comes to a screeching halt

This kind of sound is only cool in the movies. If your car screeches when you stop, this might mean your brake pads are too worn to do their job properly. It’s essential to get car maintenance quickly since worn brake pads can damage other parts of your car or lead to brake failure.
Seek the help of a reliable auto mechanic to ensure your car gets the repair and maintenance it deserves.

Your car is vibrating

You’ll be able to tell when your car comes to a shuddering stop; the whole frame might vibrate or you might reach a bumpy halt even from slow speeds. This could mean that your rotor is warped or damaged due to rust or overuse. It might also mean a problem with your drum. Practice the best ways to brake, but be sure to bring your car to a car specialist to diagnose the issue.

You have to pump the brakes

If your car doesn’t react when you hit the brakes, this is a serious issue. Your car pedal shouldn’t sink to the floor or require multiple pumps of your foot to get it working. Your car should react as soon as you start to press on the brakes, and should stop about an inch away from the floor of your car in an automatic car. This could be a sign that there’s moisture or air bubbles in your brake line, but this could also be an issue with your master cylinder.

There’s a weird smell

Smells of burning, sight of smoke, pungent odors, or other unfamiliar smells could mean that your brakes have been compromised. It could mean that your brake caliper is stuck or your brake fluid has reached near-boiling temperatures. Regardless, this causes unsafe driving conditions and it’s important to get your car repair and maintenance performed by a reliable auto mechanic quickly.

Be sure to keep these symptoms of brake failure in mind the next time you go out for a drive. Contact the best auto repair Herndon VA has to offer today and schedule an appointment for a brake inspection. Checkout our discounts and specials as well.

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