You probably already know that intense summer heat and freezing temperatures can lead to problems with your vehicle. What you might not realize is that fall conditions can place additional stress on your vehicle as well. It’s important to learn how to properly identify and prevent potential problems.


During the summer, the intense heat causes damage to seals and gaskets. Without a proper seal, rainwater can easily seep into vehicles, affecting upholstery, carpeting, and electrical components. Water can cause connections to rust and can damage chips and motherboards. This type of damage is extremely difficult to diagnose and expensive to fix.

Problems may go unnoticed for quite some time. Typically, by the time the cause of electrical issues has been determined, significant damage has already occurred. It’s crucial to do all you can to prevent problems caused by water damage.

Inspect all seals for wear, especially those that protect sensitive equipment. Check seals on doors and windows. Replace anything that appears cracked or worn. This might cost you a little bit of money now, but it will save you on costly repairs in the future. This will also ensure that your vehicle does not experience issues on the road caused by electrical failure.

Windshield Wipers

You’ll likely use your windshield wipers a lot during the fall. Damaged wipers can limit visibility and cause scratches on windshield glass. The intense summer heat can cause wiper materials to degrade. Wipers should be checked and replaced regularly, especially after summer. If your windshield wipers leave streaks on your windshield, they need to be replaced.


Intense summer heat wears away your vehicle’s anti-rust coating. This leaves your vehicle vulnerable to rust caused by wet conditions in the fall. Rust could also indicate that water is getting into your vehicle. This should be addressed immediately to prevent damage to upholstery and electrical components.

Check your vehicle for signs of rust early in the fall. Make sure to check under the wheel wells and areas where chipping paint is a problem. Rust is much easier to deal with when spotted early. Stopping the spread of rust now can prevent future problems.

Battery Maintenance

It’s a good idea to inspect your car battery regularly for proper connections and corrosion. Cables and terminals should be snug and connections should be clean. If your car battery’s connections are dirty or corroded, you can use a wire brush to clean them. Just make sure you disconnect the battery first.

Car batteries lose power over time. You’ll want to check and replace your battery regularly. If you’re planning on storing your vehicle throughout the winter, you might want to invest in a trickle charger to keep it charged.

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