Your car is made of a variety of mechanical and electrical components that enable it to run efficiently. When your car experiences an electrical issue, however, it can often be difficult to identify without the help of an experienced electrical service.


Here are some of the most common symptoms of electrical issues to look out for in your car.


The car won’t start


Dead batteries are especially common during the winter months. The battery is the core of your car’s electrical system and serves as the initial spark that allows your car to start up. A dead battery is easy to verify — your car simply won’t start up after periods spent idle. Try jump starting the vehicle with jumper cables, then check for any signs of corrosion on the terminals. Corrosion will often look like a white buildup, but it can sometimes appear blue in some models of car. Keep in mind that car batteries only last for around five years, so you may be due for a replacement sooner than later.


Dim lights


Dimming headlights are often a sign of a much larger issue, especially if new bulbs still shine dimly upon replacement. This could imply that there’s a problem with your battery, the alternator, or even the voltage regulator.

This issue is a little harder to diagnose so be sure to take your vehicle into a trusted European car repair shop.


There’s a strange smell


If you ever smell burning in your car, you should pull over immediately. This means that plastic may be melting or the electrical insulation may have deteriorated over time. Regardless, a strange smell usually implies burning, leaking, or worse. If ignored, it can put the driver of the car and its occupants in imminent danger.


The problem might be something as simple as a short circuit. Regardless, you should get your vehicle towed to an electrical service as quickly as possible.


Unless you’re a trained mechanic, there’s no sure-fire way to ensure your car’s electrical components are working properly. It’s estimated that nearly 75% of cars currently on the road are in need of maintenance or other electrical services. Before you damage your car further, be sure to take it into the Asian car repair and maintenance crew you can trust; at AutoScandia, our professional auto mechanics work hard to get your car back on the road.


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