Premium European Auto Service & Repair in Herndon

HerndonThe Vibrant town of Herndon, VA, is coveted for its rich history, community feel, and proximity to Washington, D.C. The quaint town features a mix of old-time charm and modern convenience, making it a unique place to live, work, and drive. In Herndon, reliable transportation is paramount because of its bustling nature and citizens’ need to navigate between urban and suburban landscapes.

Where daily commutes are normalized and weekend trips are an imperative part of life, in Herndon, keeping your vehicle in top condition is a priority. The array of weather and atmospheric conditions, including humid summers and freezing winters, demands that you upkeep your vehicle, which you should only trust to expert-level care; that is if you want to keep from turning into a popsicle on your way to work.

Auto Scandia: Herndon’s Trusted European Auto Professionals

Since 1978, Auto Scandia has been established as the cornerstone European auto repair shop in Herndon, Virginia. Our twelve-bay shop is well-equipped to handle all your automotive needs, ensuring that your vehicle is more than capable of keeping you safe and delighted while on the roads of Northern Virginia and beyond.

Our array of premier services includes:

Auto A/C Repair

A/C Services

We’ll keep you cool in the summer and cozy during the brisk wintertime.

Auto Brake Repair & Service

Brake Services

We guarantee your safety with expert-level brake maintenance and repair.

Auto Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check Engine Diagnostics

Adroit analysis of those occult dashboard lights with our dealer-quality diagnostic systems.

Auto Clutch Repair

Clutch Services

The link between your engine and wheels must be healthy if you want the rest of your car to live long and prosper. Take care of it!

Auto Engine Repair

Engine Repair

From tune-ups to complex repairs, ensuring your vehicle is regularly checked can make or break your investment. Be diligent!

Auto Oil Change Service

Oil Change

We provide great prices on oil changes to keep your vehicle running well and with longevity.

Auto Suspension Repair

Suspension Services

If you’re looking for a comfortable ride on Herndon’s picturesque roads, make sure your suspension is in optimum condition. Your passengers will thank you dearly.

Auto Transmission Repair

Transmission Services

Reliability and peak performance require a healthy transmission. Don’t put off the most essential repair you may face!

Come on into Auto Scandia for a specific repair or our annual checkups. We’ll treat you and your wallet right.

Auto Scandia Provides Unmatched Service and Care

We understand the value of European vehicles and dedicate our life’s work to providing only the highest level of service for our customers and the cars we love. Our certified mechanics are factory-trained professionals who utilize factory-grade diagnostic equipment to give your vehicle personalized, unparalleled service. Auto Scandia has been a recipient of Angie’s List Super Service Award for seven years and the Neighbor’s Choice award; there’s good reason for it. Bring your beloved vehicle to the best hands around town.

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Auto Scandia truly cares about cars and their owners. We provide great prices with outstanding service and professionalism. Schedule your appointment today and take care of your investment like you mean it! Call us at (703) 782-9659 or visit our shop at 134 Spring Street in Herndon, Virginia. Show your car love, and it will reciprocate!

Reviews & Testimonials

We would like to take an opportunity to express our deep appreciation for everyone who has helped build our community. For all of you who made this journey with us, and especially those of you who have been with us from the beginning, we extend our gratitude as we celebrate AutoScandia‘s 40th year in business. Visit our reviews page to see more kind words from happy customers.

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